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About us

 Amreli district is a drought prone area in the Saurasthra region of Gujarat. Majority of the community here are farmers, however they are unable to do farming due to lack of water as a result of scanty rainfall. Since the farming here is not able to sustain the livelihood, the people belonging to poor class, especially the agricultural labour class, families below poverty line and marginal farmers are bound to migrate to distant areas in order to sustain their livelihood. 

Keeping this situation in view SSKK was established in 1980 by a group of young, dynamic and dedicated volunteers to counter the prevailing conditions at that time by providing alternative choices of livelihood in order to reduce the migration of people. 


Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra ( SSKK), build its identity among people by getting involved in various activities in the areas of health, education, women empowerment, etc. The interventions undertaken by SSKK helped people to gain new directions. Over the years, the organization gained more support as the quintessential role played by SSKK in shaping the  lives of the people was soon recognised. With our vision to provide best livelihood opportunity to the people, we overcame the hurdles and gained expertise in the process thereby increasing the effectiveness of our programs . Through our collaboration with various organizations like Oxfam India, American India Foundation, NABARD, Tata Trusts, etc, new ideas were implemented in order to  create a bigger impact. The enthusiastic efforts of the team at SSKK has been instrumental in making the organization stronger. We strongly observe  transparency in programs, administration and accounts. We also resume our social responsibility by participating in the social audit process. The credibility of the organization is maintained by accepting the norms of the credibility alliance. 



To establish sustainable livelihood opportunities for the overall well-being of the people



To provide sustainable livelihood opportunities and maintain healthy living conditions for women, children, farmers and other marginalised sections of the society.



1. Planning and implementation of activities for the sustainable development of the people

2. To undertake activities in areas of education, health and upliftment of women, children and youth. 

3. To provide shelter homes, vocational training, law guidance and creche facilities for the working women

4. To undertake activities related to rural development, environment protection and consumer protection. 

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